Region Election Notices

For more information on the Region Elections please contact:

Lowell Sylwester 716-655-1090 (h) - chairperson

Barbara Ehinger    716-652-1995

Rick Flett    716-674-4523


I am making a formal call for nominations for our Western New York Regional Representatives. We will be electing 2 Representatives for our region. If you wish to make a nomination for a Regional Representative, you can do so by email or USPS mail to me. Either way will work. I have attached below the requirements we have for a person to be a Regional Representative. If you would include some info on your nominee I would greatly appreciate it. The following is the time line.

Nominations will be accepted until February 13.

Requirements for Western New York Regional Representative:

1. Must be an NSP member registered with the local NSP registration unit.
2. Must be approved as the NSP Patrol Representative by area management or public lands administrator.

The following lists the minimum recommended (not mandatory) eligibility requirements for NSP Patrol Representative candidates:

1. Should have been registered as an NSP member (excluding candidate, inactive, or alumni classification) for at least two years.
2. Should have served one season as instructor, supervisor, adviser, or officer.
3. Should be familiar with the national policies and procedures as defined in the current NSP Policies and Procedures manual.
4. Should be familiar with Division, Region, and Section policies and procedures, as applicable.

Send or email all information to:

Lowell Sylwester
WNY Election Chair
784 Chestnut Hill Rd
East Aurora, NY 14052

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