Senior Program

Senior Progam Coordinators:

OEC    Sadie Prescott        812-923-2207

OET    Jay Biersbach          716-474-5851 (m)



IMPORTANT 2017-2018 Senior Program information

Further information forthcoming!!

All interested in participating in the Senior OET portion, you MUST register yourself on the In order to participate in any of the clinics, you MUST register before December 17, 2017.  The clinics will cover the period from December 17, 2017 thru March 3, 2018.

Steps to register:  Sign in to the

                              click grey box for Members

                              Click Member Resources

                              Click on Course Schedule

                               Area for Course # Contains, put course #. 

                               When you put in the course # and search you will see the course on the list.  Click it, then hit register myself.

Course # for Senior Snowsport Enhancement Clinics.  #TBD

Course # for Senior Toboggan Enhancement Clinics.  # TBD

Course # for OEC coming shortly!!!




Senior OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care)

The OEC component of the Senior program builds upon the decision making, problem management and leadership skills that are so often necessary when responding to accidents. This program is designed to enhance & build upon your decision making, problem management & leadership skills to the point where you will feel confident responding to the most difficult accidents at your ski area. The program is often regarded as a stepping stone for other leadership positions within your patrol & the WNY Region.

Senior OET (Outdoor Emergency Transportation, also known as Ski & Toboggan)

The OET component builds upon the basic skills a patroller develops from their local candidate training.  Free skiing, patroller skills and toboggan handling are taken to advanced levels.  The key goal is to develop into a consistent performer and perform at or above the Senior level.  As with the EMM component, we strive to build the skills, confidence and decision making of the Senior OET candidate and progress their overall skiing and skills to new levels.  This program is available for skiing, snowboarding and telemarking Patrollers.

Note : Please be ready to ski at the time indicated. Get there early so we can start on time. Our training revolves around getting as many runs in a possible in a training session. There is no substitute for miles and the quality instruction we will provide to you. The Region OET Staff will put in the time and effort to provide you the tools to succeed. We ask that you put in the time and effort to use those tools to succeed.  It is understandable that you may not make all of the OET clinics but you are asked to make as many as possible.


Click here for Senior OET program objectives


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Senior Electives

  1. Education courses

  2. Leadership courses

  3. Division optional electives


Further information on the Senior program is available on the Eastern Division Senior Patroller Program webpage.


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