Website Updates





07/21/14                        Updated Alumni Co-advisor to Don weaver (numerous webpages)  

07/20/14    Awards          Added 2014-2015 awards submissions dates

07/19/14    Calendar        Added Advance Patroller Program event/details

07/16/14    Calendar        Added fall OEC refreshers dates

07/12/14    Patrol Reps   Updated HoliMont PR to David Kelsch

07/09/14    Patrol Reps   Updated Denton PR to Paul Ross; Cockaigne PR to Mike Eaker

07/01/14    Calendar       Added fall OEC refreshers dates

06/17/14                        Numerous calendar updates for the coming 2014-2015 season.

04/23/14                        Update region sponsors on homepage and multiple region officer/advisor changes


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