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03/14/17    Calendar       Addded Instructor Development class info for April offering

03/01/17    Calendar        General calendar cleanup

02/07/17    Awards          Updated patrol awards reps

01/31/17    Awards          Updated patrol awards reps

01/31/17    Region Elections   Added info for upcoming Region Representative Election nominations

12/20/16    Calendar        Added YAP seminar event info

12/08/16    Calendar        Updated some Senior EOC event info

11/20/16    Awards          Updated award submission deadlines for 2016/2017 season

11/15/16    Calendar        Added Senior OEC dates/locations

11/08/16    Calendar        Added Region Alumni Day event info

10/26/16    Calendar        Added Senior S&T dates and some Senior OEC dates

10/10/16    Awards Banquet Added 2017 Region Awards Banquet poster and reservation form

10/04/16    Calendar        Added Advanced Patroller Program event info

09/17/16    Senior Program Added 2016/2017 Senior Program info for both S&T and OEC; more details and complete schedules shortly

09/17/16    Calendar        Added 2016/2017 Region Meeting dates

09/17/16    Calendar        Updated Instructor Development course contact

09/10/16    Calendar        Added MTR Level 1 course info

08/06/16    Calendar        Added KB Instructor Refresher info

07/31/16    Calendar        Added all patrols' OEC Refreshers info

07/07/16    Calendar        Added HoliMont OEC Refresher info (Instructors and Patrol events)



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