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05/06/16    Officers         Numerous Officer and Advisor changes

03/24/16    Calendar        Added Instructor Development course event info

03/20/16    Calendar        Added OEC T/E class event info

02/22/16    Calendar        Updated March Region Meeting with location

02/17/16    Awards          Removed deadline for Region awards nomination submission

02/13/16                        Updated phone # for Diane Smith (various pages)

01/30/16    Awards          Updated WNY Awards Nomination form

01/30/16    Calendar        Added Level 1 Avalanche course info for Whiteface Mountain event

01/24/16    Calendar        Added MTR1 course event info

01/24/16    Calendar        Region Young Adult event 1/30 cancelled due to this season's conditions and circumstances

01/24/16    Awards          Numerous awards page updates including EDPAA Nomination form

01/24/16    Calendar        Added Avalanche 1 Module 1 course event info

12/03/15    Calendar        Added Senior SOEC program clinic/evaluation dates

12/03/15    Awards          Added info for new Region award George "Skip" Pfister Regional award

12/02/15    Calendar        Added Senior S&T program clinic/evaluation dates

11/30/15    Memorials      Added updated Patroller Memorial listing for the Region

11/17/15    Inst Dev         Added photos from Nov I.D. course

11/13/15    Calendar        Added Region Alumni Day event info

10/31/15    Calendar        Added Instructor Development course info for November event

10/18/15    Awards          Updated Awards chair to Cathy Grove and updated numerous patrol Awards reps

10/01/15    Officers         Added Nordic program advisor info for Mike Kirsch



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